általános tisztító zsíroldó padlótisztító gyermekbarát mosogatószer játéktisztító és penészölő

Baby washig up liquid

Choose well your dishwasher!
During our researches we are focusing to actual client requests, so this is the story of how to born our Baby-mom Dishwasher, what can assure a stripeless glamour ony with herbal ingredients. Buy it here.

Degreaser (extra strong)

More effective against the smears. You can use it on ceramic, inox or other surfaced hot plate or oven. Actually it fits for all surfaces where you can see any smears. Try the Cleanne Degreaser (extra strong)! Buy it here.

Toy cleaner

The smallest one is continously explore the world with seeing, touching and of course with her/his mouth. During the everyday plays the toys had been dirty so rapidly, the bath toys had been disinfected by meadow, until yet 😉 Buy it here.

Universal surface cleaner

For general use, and you can use for all surface what you want to clean, kitchen countertop or inside your fridge, furniture, table, chair, door or window casement. It’s perfect to geenral use in the baby room as well as in the bath room. Try the Cleanne Universal Surface Cleaner for the real cleanness. Buy it here.

Universal floor cleaner

The Cleanne Universal Floor Cleaner make the perfect cleannes – by client feedback for example make the perfect white for fuge – without any pollutants, so you can use it safety indide your home with children or pets. Buy it here.

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