Accreditated labor result: anti-bacterial and fungi test

The superconcentrate, what we used for the most products (95% of total), tested by Wessling by the most strict test of NÉBIH (Hungarian Food Secrecy Authorisation). We attached the picture of results, and here we explain the result and give you a short comment about the pathogens.

During the test of the CLEANNE Crystalclean Superconcentrate the volume of bacteria Pseudonomas aeruginosa after 10 minutes effective time reduced to 0,00000041%. The bacterica Staphylococcus aureus reduced in 10 minutes to 0,0000076%. Bacterica Escherichia coli also destroyed with high effenciency to 0,00000041%. We received same result for bacteria Enterococcus hirae (final volume is 0,0000206%), and bacteria Aspergillus brasilliensis (final volume is 0,000103%) too.
In the case of fungis the Wessling tested Candida Albicans, what reduced after 10 minutes to 0,000084%.

By this result we can say that the main ingredient of CLEANNE Crystalclean product range is this superconcentrate, what is very effective not only for cleaning, even high percently destroyed fungis and bacterials.